donderdag 8 juli 2010

AP.9 - The Grinch

The Grinch is an Album by AP.9, released March 18, 2008 on Mob Shop Entertainment.

''The Grinch'' (Produced By. Rob Lo) 2:11

''Block Rock'' (feat. Young Gasz, Nasty Nate & Deltrice) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:25

''Escape The Pain'' (feat. Shill Mac & Deltrice) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:43

''Back To The Hood'' (feat. Tony Streetz & Nasty Nate) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:08

''I'm So...'' (feat. Yukmouth & Shill Mac) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:48

''Crime Scene'' (feat. Tony Streetz & Squeeze) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:42

''I'm A Gangstah'' (feat. Shill Mac & Krypto) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:08

''Confused'' (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:36

''Mob Rules'' (feat. Husalah & Lil' Cyco) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:21

''My Every Word'' (feat. Shill Mac, Deltrice & Indecent) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:04

''The Come Up'' (feat. C Bo, Lil' Cyco & Shill Mac) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:07

''Muscle Up'' (feat. Nasty Nate, Tony Streetz & Deltrice) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:30

''The Gutta'' (fea.t Young Dru, Krypto & Shill Mac) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:22

''You Don't Want It'' (feat. Nasty Nate, Shill Mac & Squeeze) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 4:00

''Streets Spokesman'' (feat. Skyballa & Nasty Nate) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:33

''On The Mob'' (feat. Indecent, Krypto & Shill Mac) (Produced By. Rob Lo) 3:46

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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