dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Apathy - Baptism By Fire

Baptism By Fire is a Mixtape by Apathy, released January 15, 2007 on Demigodz Entertainment.

''Intro'' 1:01

''Welcome To Assholeville'' 2:41

''Baptism By Fire'' (feat. Emilio Lopez & Esoteric) 3:14

''Speak Ya Clout'' (feat. Emilio Lopez & Ryu) 3:31

''Drive Slow'' 0:47

''Wrong Number'' 1:13

''The Game'' (feat. Vinnie Paz) 2:31

''Oh My Game, Demigodz!'' (feat. Emilio Lopez) 2:19

''Bootleg'' 3:24

''Ap Is Like...'' 2:43

''Fuck You'' 3:23

''The Doe Rakers'' (feat. Emilio Lopez, Motive & Southpaw Jones) (Produced By. Jake One) 2:22

''Cheap Sunglasses'' (Produced By. Bill Ham) 3:54

''Hip Hop Is Dead'' 2:46

''The Beautiful People'' 3:20

''Demigodzilla'' (feat. Celph Titled & Motive) 3:30

''King Of C.T.'' 1:39

''Thief's Theme Freestyle'' 2:07

''Phonejaxx.com'' 4:38

''Buggin' Out'' 2:59

''Ugly Bitch'' (feat. Emilio Lopez) 3:07

''Bobby Brown'' 2:46

''One Step At A Time'' 3:32

''Chemical (Remix)'' (Produced By. J Zone) 3:39

''Me & My Friends (Remix)'' (feat. Celph Titled & One Two) (Produced By. Apathy) 3:48

''One Of Those Days (Remix)'' (Produced By. Dirty Love) 3:39

''The Winter (Remix)'' (feat. Poison Pen & Blue Raspberry) (Produced By. Inhumanz) 4:23

''Outro'' 0:14


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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