woensdag 14 juli 2010

DJ Laz & A Mafia - Mafia's Town 3

Mafia's Town 3 is a Mixtape by A Mafia and hosted by DJ Laz, released June 27, 2008.

''Intro'' 1:04

''Before I Met Cam'ron'' 2:05

''Neva Neva'' (feat. 40 Cal.) 2:08

''Pimpin''' (feat. J.O.S.) 1:45

''All I Do (Remix)'' (feat. Gator Ent.) 3:52

''Grind Hard'' 3:19

''Interlude'' 0:27

''Yada Yada Yada'' (feat. Cam'ron) 3:41

''Street Pharmacist'' (feat. Hell Rell) 4:08

''Watch Your Mouth'' 2:01

''Umma Do Me Freestyle'' (feat. Chubbie Baby) 3:01

''Deep In The Game'' 2:04

''Interlude'' 0:20

''You Ain't Like Us'' (feat. Cam'ron) 3:56

''Show And Tell'' (feat. Tom Gist) 3:43

''Freestyle'' (feat. Magno) 3:09

''What You Saying'' (feat. 40 Cal.) 2:27

''It's Over Pt. 2'' (feat. Hell Rell & J.R. Writer) 4:28

''Outro'' 1:21


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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