vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Arrested Development - Since The Last Time

Lively hippies and pop-rap hip-hoppers Arrested Development were not on the über-cool list in 2007 when their Since the Last Time album landed on most shores (Japan got in 2006 because the country never gave up on this little act that could). Suing the beloved Arrested Development television show over name rights and appearing on the "where are they now and have they no shame?" series Hit Me Baby One More Time made this 15-year-old act seem like it was better off forgotten, which is why Since the Last Time is such a shock. Once the listener gets past the opening title track a history lesson in song that's best left for longtime fans the album opens up into a hook-filled world of positive, effervescent songs that are intoxicating in a sunshine way, as if the jam band attitude invaded hip-hop. Released November 27, 2007 on Vagabond Productions.

''Since The Last Time'' 3:38

''Miracles'' 3:48

''Heaven'' 3:20

''Sao Paulo'' 4:20

''Sunshine'' 4:15

''Stand'' 3:31

''It's Time'' 3:14

''Inner City'' 3:27

''I Know I'm Bad'' 3:11

''Down And Dirty'' 4:00

''Caught Me'' 4:09

''Nobody Believes Me Anyway'' 2:49

Bonus Disc:

''Since The Last Time (Will Styles Remix)'' 3:42

''Miracles (Will Styles Club Mix)'' 4:50

''Miracles (Time Sean And Elroy's Salty Sea Dog Mix)'' 6:50

''Sao Paulo (Tight On Tape Remix)'' 3:52

''Since The Last Time (Tight On Tape Remix)'' 2:59

''Inner City (Semper Fi Remix)'' 5:55

''I Know I'm Bad (Jamie Munton Remix)'' 3:44

''Caught Me (Futuredogs Remix)'' 4:39

''Heaven (Fiasko Remix)'' 2:58

''I Know I'm Bad (Mason Remix)'' 3:09

''I Know I'm Bad (Ritual Remix)'' 7:05


http://www.mediafire.com/?eqfmwdtzmye (Bonus Track)

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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