zondag 20 juni 2010

Access Immortal - American Me

American Me is the 2nd album by Access Immortal, released June 12, 2007 on Introspect Records.

''American Me'' (Produced By. Vanderslice) 4:37

''Funky Rhythm'' (Produced By. Nygh) 4:05

''Get Off'' (Produced By. Kayy) 3:36

''City Limits'' (feat. L.IF.E. Long) (Produced By. Nathaniel Roberts) 3:28

''Ghetto America'' (Produced By. Ph7) 3:14

''Lockdown'' (feat. Nathaniel Roberts) (Produced By. Tecknowledgy) 2:44

''Fresh To Death'' (Produced By. Ruckspin) 4:05

''Brooklyn Mash Out'' (feat. Poison Pen) (Produced By. Nygh) 3:36

''Lone Star'' (Produced By. Liquid6) 4:18

''Sharks In The Water'' (feat. Skyzoo & Swave Sevah) (Produced By. Vanderslice) 3:15

''I Have A Dream'' (feat. Nomi) (Produced By. Da Natural) 4:25

''Acc The Villain'' (Produced By. Ruckspin) 3:36

''Days Of Our Lives'' (Produced By. Chris Karnes) 4:37

''Golden Era'' (Produced By. Les Bitches) 3:18

''Styles Upon Styles'' (feat. Karniege & Medinah Starr) (Produced By. Nygh) 3:34

''American Me (Remix)'' (feat. Akir & Reef The Lost Cauze) (Produced By. Vanderslice) 3:34

''Rhyme & Reason'' (Produced By. Da Natural) 8:10


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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