maandag 28 juni 2010

Andre Nickatina - Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is a Compilation by Andre Nickatina, released January 15, 2002 on Million Dollar Dream Records.

''Ayo'' (feat. San Quinn) (Produced By. Andre Nickatina) 3:27

''Alligator Blood'' (Produced By. Dion Pete) 3:30

''Business Brain'' (feat. Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Cougnut & Mike Marshall) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 4:36

''But Not Me'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 4:06

''All Star Chuck Taylors'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:42

''Clipboard Full Of Game'' (feat. Smoov E) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:43

''Couger'' (Produced By. Julian Piccolo) 2:38

''Reel Drama'' (feat. Mr. Kee) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:14

''State 2 State'' (feat. Lolo Swift) (Produced By. Andre Nickatina) 3:30

''Cadillac Girl'' (feat. Mac Dre) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 4:08

''July The 4th'' (Produced By. Julian Piccolo) 4:02

''Thugalinium'' (feat. Baldhead Rick, Cougnut & Rebecca) (Produced By. Andre Nickatina) 3:41

''He Said, She Said'' (feat. Mike Marshall) (Produced By. Nick Peace & Black Diamond) 4:17

''Super Greedy'' (feat. Jackpot, Pat Rich & Smoov E) (Produced By. Julian Piccolo) 5:05

''L'eveil'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:29

''Hell's Kitchen'' (feat. Saafir) (Produced By. Nick Peace, Brain B & Smoov E) 4:21

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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