dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Andre Nickatina - Bullets Blunts In Ah Bankroll

Bullets Blunts In Ah Bankroll is the Ninth album by Andre Nickatina, released May 18, 2004 on Nicky Rose I.N.C..

''Sold Out Show'' (feat. DJ Luvva J) 0:45

''I'm A Junkie'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Q York) 2:51

''Eye's Of A Child'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Equipto) 2:19

''Nasty Like College Chick's'' (Produced By. Andre Nickatina & Nick Peace) 2:55

''Andre N Andre'' (feat. Mac Dre) (Produced By. Justin Weiss) 3:51

''Ceasar Enrico'' (Produced By. Andre Nickatina & Nick Peace) 3:02

''Heaven Thru The Backdoor'' (feat. Krushadelic) (Produced By. Krushadelic) 3:24

''At My Car'' (Produced By. Bobby Virgo) 2:40

''My Wishes'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Justin Weiss) 3:19

''2 T Shirts N A Adidas Suit'' (Produced By. First Degree The D.E.) 3:25

''1 Of The Same'' (feat. Bobby Shaw) (Produced By. Q York) 3:34

''Crackin' Like Pastachio's'' (Produced By. Dion Pete) 2:23

''Bonus'' (Produced By. DJ Pause) 1:30


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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