dinsdag 22 juni 2010

All Star - The S.Lito Files: The Lost Sessions

The S.Lito Files: The Lost Sessions is a Mixtape by All Star, released in 2008 on Grind Hard Records.

''The S.Lito Files: The Lost Sessions Begin'' 0:22

''Intro/Surviving The Times'' 2:34

''How You Like Me Now'' (Produced By. Nyse) 4:57

''Extraordinary'' (Produced By. Coop) 4:16

''I Promise'' 4:06

''Starlito Speaks On The Lost Sessions'' 0:40

''9.14.07'' 3:04

''Starlito On Kids, College And Kids Going To College'' 0:48

''Keys To The Chevy Starstyle'' 2:04

''Where Da Hoes'' (feat. Young Buck) 2:19

''I'm Me'' (Produced By. Joe Millionaire) 3:58

''Out The Hood'' (feat. Yo Gotti & Rich Boy) 5:45

''Intermission'' (Produced By. Nyse) 3:16

''Is You Rollin?'' (feat. Jay Z) 3:40

''I Ain't Worried'' (feat. Mike J) 4:29

''Starlito Speaks On Rap Beef'' 0:47

''We Ain't Whippin''' (feat. Q.T.) (Produced By. Fate Eastwood) 3:20

''Gettin' This Money'' (feat. Slick Pulla) 3:14

''Product Of The Streets'' (feat. Yo Gotti) 3:01

''Beeper'' (feat. Pharrell) 2:44

''What It's Going For?'' (Produced By. Nyse) 4:36

''S.Lito On Starlito's Way 2'' 0:47

''No Hook Starstyle (Curtain)'' 2:33

''Break Down'' (feat. J.C.) 4:00


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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