zondag 20 juni 2010

Aceyalone - Magnificent City

For years, underground rap producers have been enjoined to stop creating myopic beat symphonies (often instrumental) and start working with real live rappers. For that reason, it's a rare thrill to see one of the underground's finest producers providing beats on Acey's sixth album, Magnificent City. Released February 7, 2006 on Project Blowed/Decon Records.

''All For U'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:28

''Fire'' (Produced By. RJD2) 4:11

''Cornbread, Eddy And Me'' (Produced By. RJD2) 2:46

''Moore'' (Produced By. RJD2) 4:49

''Supahero'' (Produced By. RJD2) 4:11

''High Lights'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:23

''Disconnected'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:21

''Caged Bird'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:12

''Solomon Jones'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:46

''A Sunday Mystery'' (Produced By. RJD2) 1:33

''Junior'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:41

''Heaven'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:39

''Here And Now'' (Produced By. RJD2) 4:21

''A Beautiful Mine'' (Produced By. RJD2) 5:29


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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