dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Andre Nickatina - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps 3

Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps 3 is the Eight album by Andre Nickatina, released April 22, 2003 on Fillmoe Coleman Records.

''Conversation With A Devil'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:34

''Fly Like A Bird'' (feat. Dubee) (Produced By. Dion Pete) 3:53

''Rise And Fall Of A Rap Cat'' (Produced By. Dion Pete) 3:00

''Pick Cha'' (Produced By. Dion Pete & Nick Peace) 2:39

''Dice Of Life (The Bottle)'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:42

''5th Gear'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Krushadelic) 3:52

''Soul Of A Coke Dealer'' (Produced By. Jae Rilla) 4:02

''The God And The Stripper'' (Produced By. Jae Rilla) 3:47

''Falcon And The Snowman'' (feat. Equipto) (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:24

''Summer In Florida'' (Produced By. Julian Piccolo) 3:33

''A Yo'' (feat. San Quinn) (Produced By. Andre Nickatina & Dion Pete) 3:13

''Fist Full Of Dollars (Green Eyes)'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 2:04

''Train With No Love'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 4:40

''Nino Did The Cartah'' (Produced By. Nick Peace) 3:23

''Show Gone Wrong'' (Produced By. Julian Piccolo & Smoov E) 2:09


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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