dinsdag 22 juni 2010

All Star & Young Buck - Starbucks: B.O.A.T. Story

Starbucks: B.O.A.T. Story is a collaboration Mixtape by All Star & Young Buck, released in 2008 on Grind Hard/Cashville Records.

''Intro'' 0:28

''Where You At?'' (Produced By. Nyse) 4:51

''The Taped Conversation'' 5:00

''Shine On 'Em'' (Produced By. Nyse) 4:09

''My Whole Life'' 4:14

''Jackin' 4 Beats'' 5:49

''Money Right'' (feat. Sosa The Plug) (Produced By. J.A.) 3:58

''All Eyes On Me'' (Produced By. J.A.) 2:55

''I Got That'' (Produced By. J.A.) 4:00

''My Interview'' 3:36

''Rap Music Ruined My Life'' (Produced By. Fate Eastwood) 5:34

''You Lyin''' (feat. Grind Hard) 4:34

''Flashing Lights Starstyle'' 2:17

''Kill Me A Nigga'' (Produced By. J.A.) 3:32

''Grind Hard For The Money'' (feat. Yo Gotti) 4:35

''Flossin''' (feat. Cowboy) 4:25

''My Money On My Mind'' (feat. Sosa The Plug & Outlawz) 4:19

''A Milli Starstyle'' 3:38

''Do Ya Thing'' 3:17

''Zone 3 Starstyle'' 2:49


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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