zondag 20 juni 2010

Agallah - '09 Is Mines

'09 Is Mines is a mixtape by Agallah, released January 1, 2009.

''09 Is Mines'' (feat. Mizzo) 3:12

''They Always Will Hate'' (feat. Empress) 3:31

''I Get It In'' (feat. Mizzo) 3:05

''The Hitter'' 2:50

''New York Is Hard'' (feat. Caviar Dreams) 3:40

''Sour Diesel Anthem'' (feat. Libido) 4:16

''G's Up Hatas Down'' 4:11

''Can't Let It Go'' (feat. Mizzo) 3:07

''Super, Superb, Supreme'' (feat. Sheist Bubz) 2:30

''Make The Streets Hot'' (feat. Hezeleo) 4:39

''Self Made'' 2:36

''The Way It Is'' 4:34

''All Right Wit Me'' (feat. Sonny Seeza) 5:11

''A.P.B. (A Propain Bullet In)'' 3:29

''This Is Propain'' 4:53

''All Gravy'' (feat. Sonny Seeza) 4:21

''Good Look'' (feat. Future) 3:14

''Keep The Spirit Alive'' 2:27

''Zip Codes'' (feat. King Phaze, Divine Bars & Stan Spit) 4:48

''Progress'' (feat. Rockin' Squad) 5:42

''Thank You For Not Believing'' 2:20

''Floyd Madness'' 3:34


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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