zondag 20 juni 2010

Agallah - You Already Know

You Already Know is the long awaited debut by Agallah, released August 22, 2006 on Babygrande Records.

''Look At You Know (Intro)'' (Produced By. Agallah) 3:18

''In The Ghetto'' (feat. Ike Eyes & M1) (Produced By. Agallah) 3:09

''Hardcore'' (Produced By. Agallah) 4:41

''Losing My Mind'' (feat. Carl Anthony) (Produced By. Agallah) 3:27

''Artificial Love'' (feat. Stic.Man & Umi) (Produced By. Agallah) 4:33

''New York Ryder Music'' (Produced By. DJ Premier) 3:39

''What's Hood?'' (Produced By. Agallah) 2:38

''Ride Out (O.G.G.G.)'' (feat. The Alchemist) (Produced By. The Alchemist) 3:33

''Yeah Baby'' (feat. Ike Eyes) (Produced By. Big Zik) 3:53

''Words From Prodigy'' (feat. Prodigy) 0:20

''Built For This'' (feat. Ike Eyes) (Produced By. Agallah) 3:30

''I'm Gettin' Money'' (Produced By. Agallah) 3:25

''On The Ave.'' (Produced By. The Alchemist) 4:44

''Right Now!'' (feat. Kool G. Rap) (Produced By. Grim Team) 3:25

''Club Hoppin''' (Produced By. Agallah) 4:22

''Can You Dig It?'' (Produced By. Agallah) 2:56

''Take Me Back'' (Produced By. Sid Roams) 2:49

''Mama (Mom R.I.P.)'' (feat. Big V & Clutch) (Produced By. Agallah) 4:36

''Cry For Help'' (Produced By. Agallah) 4:38


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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