dinsdag 22 juni 2010

AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money 2001

Bitch Betta Have My Money 2001 is the 3rd album by AMG, released in December 5, 2000 on Lightyear Records.

''Bitch 2001'' (Produced By. The Noma) 3:41

''Jack Off'' (feat. Jiboh) (Produced By. Bosko) 4:51

''Perfection'' (Produced By. DJ Quik) 3:36

''Soak Me Baby'' (feat. DJ Quik) (Produced By. DJ Quik) 4:27

''She's Paid'' (feat. Dru Down & Bosko) (Produced By. Bosko) 3:47

''All Over U'' (Produced By. The Noma) 4:50

''Pimp The World'' (Produced By. The Noma) 5:14

''Reallionaire.Com'' (Produced By. AMG) 4:29

''Bounce'' (Produced By. The Noma) 3:38

''Come Inside'' (feat. Paperboy) (Produced By. Rhythm D) 3:45

''F.M.S.M. 2'' (feat. Jiboh & L.Q.) (Produced By. Maddball Tony D) 4:36

''Yo Luv'' (Produced By. AMG) 5:37


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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