zondag 20 juni 2010

Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth

Bazooka Tooth is the fourth album by Aesop Rock, it comes with a bonus disc a sampler/Compilation of Definitive Jux Records. Released September 23, 2003 on Definitive Jux, the album peaked at #112 on the Billboard 200 chart and #44 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Album.

''Bazooka Tooth'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 2:25

''N.Y. Electric/Hunter (Interlude)'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 5:10

''Easy'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 5:01

''No Jumper Cables'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 5:06

''Limelighters/Funkadelic (Interlude)'' (feat. Camp Lo) (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 4:33

''Super Fluke'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 4:51

''Cook It Up'' (feat. Party Fun Action Committee) (Produced By. Blockhead) 3:45

''Freeze/Honeycomb (Interlude)'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 5:32

''We're Famous'' (feat. El P) (Produced By. El P) 6:21

''Babies With Guns'' (Produced By. Blockhead) 5:07

''The Greatest Pac Man Victory In History'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 4:48

''Frijoles'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 3:48

''11:35/Ketamine U.S.A. (Interlude)'' (feat. Mr. Lif) (Produced By. Blockhead & Aesop Rock) 4:23

''Kill The Messenger'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 4:54

''Mars Attacks'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 4:39

Bonus Disc: Definitive Jux Presents: The Juk(i)e Box Version 1.0

''The Best Of Def Jux Megamix'' (Produced By. DJ Still Will) 30:33

''The Essence (Snippet)'' (feat. C Rayz Walz) (Produced By. Belief) 2:23

''Elephant Guns (Snippet)'' (feat. C Rayz Walz) (Produced By. Belief) 2:22

''Beer (Snippet)'' (feat. Party Fun Action Committee) (Produced By. Blockhead) 2:29

''Be My Lady (Snippet)'' (feat. Party Fun Action Committee) (Produced By. Jer) 1:35

''Slide On 'Em (Escapade) (Snippet)'' (feat. S.A. Smash & Vast Aire) (Produced By. Camu Tao) 1:21

''Illy (Snippet)'' (feat. S.A. Smash) (Produced By. El P) 2:01

''What Do You Know? (Snippet)'' (feat. Murs) (Produced By. Belief) 1:55

''Risky Business (Snippet)'' (feat. Murs, Humpty Hump & Shock G) (Produced By. Shock G) 1:12

''Razor Fund (Snippet)'' (feat. The Presence, Alaska & Vast Aire) (Produced By. Nasa) 1:30

''N.Y. Electric (Snippet)'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 1:28

''No Jumper Cables (Snippet)'' (Produced By. Aesop Rock) 1:57


(Bonus Disc)

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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