maandag 21 juni 2010

Akrobatik - The Lost Adats

The lost adats is a compilation of all Akrobatik's earlier unheard work, released November 4, 2003 on Detonator Records.

''Moondust'' (Produced By. Shamrock) 3:29

''Nightfall'' (Produced By. Akrobatik) 4:37

''U Can't Fuck Wit It'' (Produced By. DJ Markie B) 3:56

''Convo'' (Produced By. Shamrock) 3:33

''Mental Ass Whippin''' (Produced By. Stephan Jay) 3:44

''Ez Listenin''' (Produced By. The Gov) 2:49

''Gotcha Movin''' (Produced By. DJ Markie B) 3:38

''Sureshot'' (Produced By. Akrobatik) 4:08

''Woman'' (Produced By. Akrobatik) 3:54

''B Bump'' (Produced By. Akrobatik) 4:11

''The Fat Shit'' (feat. Mr. Lif) (Produced By. Akrobatik) 2:13

''Live'' (Produced By. Spawntaneous) 3:54

''Ruff Enuff'' (Produced By. Akrobatik) 4:07

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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