zondag 20 juni 2010

Access Immortal - Limited Edition

Limited Edition is a (mixtape/album) by Access Immortal, released October 16, 2007.

''What You Though It Was'' (Produced By. Soce) 4:08

''The Fellowship (Remix)'' (feat. Science, Substantial & Karniege) (Produced By. Vanderslice) 4:02

''Poison Candy'' (Produced By. Vanderslice) 3:54

''Born In The Ghetto'' (Produced By. Sessions 31) 3:07

''The Cage'' (Produced By. Vanderslice) 4:07

''Hot Pursuit'' (feat. Karniege & Young Sin) (Produced By. Access Immortal) 2:40

''Young Gunna'' (Produced By. Da Natural) 3:53

''Headkrack'' (feat. Emaze, Young Sin & Lyrics) (Produced By. Quazzar) 4:47

''The Reign'' (feat. Oktober) (Produced By. GreenSteez) 3:26

''The Hood In Here'' (feat. Emaze, Karniege & Poison Pen) 3:45

''Everybody In The Place'' (Produced By. GreenSteez) 3:28

''Trinity'' (feat. Young Sin & Emaze) (Produced By. Milkcrate Militia) 4:14

''New Testament'' (Produced By. Vanderslice) 3:18

''Home Of The Brave Pt. 2'' (feat. Poison Pen, Karniege & Young Sin) (Produced By. Da Natural) 3:42

''Heaven & Hell'' (feat. Young Sin) 3:33


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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