zondag 20 juni 2010

Aceyalone - Love & Hate

As more and more great rappers find the underground is the perfect place to camp for the respect and freedom, if not the royalties and pay-offs records like Aceyalone's Love & Hate will, fortunately, become a more common occurrence. Released on Project Blowed, an open-mic night that gradually morphed into a winning record label, the album is a simple, straight-ahead match of excellent MC with great producers. His rhymes are among the best of his career, and he covers a lot of ground over 15 cuts; nearly every time he makes a record, he makes it clear that rap music has so much possibility that's never dreamed of by most on a major label. Released June 3, 2003 on Project Blowed.

''Love And Hate Theme'' (Produced By. DJ Drez) 1:33

''Junkman'' (Produced By. PMG) 3:53

''Let Me Hear Sumn'' (feat. Casual & Big Arch) (Produced By. PMG) 4:14

''Lost Your Mind'' (Produced By. RJD2) 4:02

''In Stereo'' (Produced By. PMG) 3:19

''Takeoff'' (Produced By. RJD2) 3:58

''Love And Hate'' (Produced By. PMG) 3:35

''The Saga Continues'' (feat. Abstract Rude) (Produced By. Fat Jack) 5:05

''Moonlit Skies'' (feat. Goapele) (Produced By. RJD2) 4:17

''Ace Cowboy'' (feat. The Soul Of John Black) (Produced By. Kiilu Grand) 5:30

''So Much Pain'' (feat. Riddlore? & Self Jupiter) (Produced By. Riddlore?) 4:30

''Find Out'' (feat. Riddlore?) (Produced By. Riddlore?) 3:40

''City Of Shit'' (feat. El P) (Produced By. El P) 3:47

''Lights Out'' (feat. Airborn Audio) (Produced By. Airborn Audio) 3:52

''Ms. Amerikkka'' (Produced By. Joey Chavez) 4:24


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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