zondag 20 juni 2010

Aceyalone - Hip Hop And The World We Live In

Hip Hop And The World We Live In is the third album by Aceyalone, with a rapper this fresh and concepts this dope, songs like the funk-slap silly rap of "Not When You Get Down," the braggadocious bass boom of "Jack of All Trades" and jazzy instruments of "Rapps on Deck" wrap his gifts up in a package for all to enjoy. Sadly, the only drawback to this album is it's producer Elusive. Though he strikes the right notes on about half of the songs, tracks like "Dirty Birdie" and "Scribble on a Clean Surface" are functional without being interesting or doing the raw power of Acey's linguistic abilities justice. When you're Aceyalone it may be impossible to find any producer who can perfectly capture that vibe. Released August 10, 2002 on Project Blowed.

''Introduction'' (Produced By. Elusive) 2:44

''I Think I Know Too Much'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:10

''Future Rockers'' (Produced By. Elusive) 0:07

''Rapps On Deck'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:15

''Art Club'' (Produced By. Elusive) 2:47

''Dirty Birdie'' (Produced By. Elusive) 5:06

''Shooby Dooby'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:22

''Blink Blink'' (Produced By. Elusive) 0:22

''Scribble On A Clean Surface'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:35

''Organic Electricity'' (Produced By. Elusive) 0:27

''Bigger They Come'' (Produced By. Elusive) 3:35

''Not When You Get Down'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:53

''Say'' (Produced By. Elusive) 2:04

''Jack Of All Trades'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:20

''As Beautiful As You Are'' (Produced By. Elusive) 4:26


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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