zaterdag 19 juni 2010

A.G. - Get Dirty Radio

Though seven years marked the time between the release of A.G.'s two solo full-lengths, the MC doesn't seem to have been negatively affected by the break; in fact, he sounds better than ever. However, this doesn't mean that his fans will instantly take to Get Dirty Radio, because instead of his usual East Coast production, he's hooked up with Californians like Madlib, Oh No and DJ Design the latter of whom he had worked with previously and reconnected with backstage after a show in Europe, and who initially suggested this project a move that gives his rhymes a distinctly different vibe, funkier and looser than the darker, more aggressive sound he's had before. This diverse selection of collaborators means that A.G. is able to show off his adaptability and versatility. Get Dirty Radio may not have the dark East Coast beats of his previous work, but the warmer West Coast underground sound shows off A.G.'s skills, which haven't weakened with time, just as well, which means that even if it takes some fans some getting used to, it's a good album, and should be heard. Released October 31, 2006 on Look Records.

''Frozen'' (Produced By. Madlib) 4:18

''If I Wanna'' (Produced By. Jake One) 3:03

''Take A Ride'' (feat. Party Arty & Aloe Blacc) (Produced By. Madlib) 3:59

''A Giant By Design'' (Produced By. DJ Design) 2:59

''Yeah Nigga'' (Produced By. Tommy Tee) 3:17

''Say Yeah'' (feat. Lil' Roze) (Produced By. Cochise) 3:06

''Triumph'' (Produced By. DJ Design) 2:30

''Love'' (Produced By. Oh No) 3:17

''Pray'' (feat. Party Arty) (Produced By. Tommy Tee) 2:56

''Real Right Now'' 0:48

''We Don't Care'' (Produced By. Lord Finesse) 3:28

''Gigantic'' (Produced By. Oh No) 3:03

''Hip Hop Quotable'' (feat. Aloe Blacc) (Produced By. J. Dilla) 3:35

''The Struggle'' (Produced By. Showbiz) 2:33

''Outro'' (Produced By. DJ Design) 1:59

''Who Dat?'' (Produced By. DJ Design) 2:25

(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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