woensdag 9 juni 2010

Eminem - The Eminem Show

It's all about the title. First time around, Eminem established his alter ego, Slim Shady the character who deliberately shocked and offended millions, turning Eminem into a star. Second time at bat, he turned out The Marshall Mathers LP, delving deeper into his past while revealing complexity as an artist and a personality that helped bring him an even greater audience and much, much more controversy. Third time around, it's The Eminem Show a title that signals that Eminem's public persona is front and center, for the very first time. And it is, as he spends much of the album commenting on the media circus that dominated on his life ever since the release of The Marshall Mathers LP. This, of course, encompasses many, many familiar subjects his troubled childhood; his hatred of his parents; his turbulent relationship with his ex-wife, Kim (including the notorious incident when he assaulted a guy who allegedly kissed her the event that led to their divorce); his love of his daughter, Hailie; and, of course, all the controversy he generated, notably the furor over his alleged homophobia and his scolding from Lynne Cheney, which leads to furious criticism about the hypocrisy of America and its government. All this is married to a production very similar to that of its predecessor. Released June 4, 2002 on Aftermath/Shady/Interscope Records, the album peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums and was certified 8x platinum by RIAA.

''Curtains Up (Skit)'' (Produced By. Eminem) 0:29

''White America'' (Produced By. Eminem & Jeff Bass) 5:24

''Business'' (Produced By. Dr. Dre) 4:11

''Cleanin' Out My Closet'' (Produced By. Eminem & Jeff Bass) 4:57

''Square Dance'' (Produced By. Eminem) 5:23

''The Kiss (Skit)'' (Produced By. Eminem) 1:16

''Soldier'' (Produced By. Eminem) 3:46

''Say Goodbye Hollywood'' (Produced By. Eminem) 4:32

''Drips'' (feat. Obie Trice) (Produced By. Eminem) 4:45

''Without Me'' (Produced By. Eminem & Jeff Bass) 4:50

''Paul Rosenberg (Skit)'' 0:23

''Sing For The Moment'' (Produced By. Eminem & Jeff Bass) 5:39

''Superman'' (feat. Dina Rae) (Produced By. Eminem & Jeff Bass) 5:50

''Hailie's Song'' (Produced By. Eminem) 5:20

''Steve Berman (Skit)'' 0:33

''When The Music Stops'' (feat. D12) (Produced By. Eminem & Mr. Porter) 4:29

''Say What U Say'' (feat. Dr. Dre) (Produced By. Dr. Dre) 5:09

''Till I Collapse'' (feat. Nate Dogg) (Produced By. Eminem) 4:57

''My Dad's Gone Crazy'' (feat. Haillie Jade) (Produced By. Dr. Dre) 4:27

''Curtains Close (Skit)'' (Produced By. Eminem) 1:01


(if you like what you hear GO OUT AND PURCHASE the album cuz if its good music its worth it)

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